About Paolo Mathai Horology

The watch industry is saturated with brands designing timepieces to their own specifications. Paolo Mathai Horology on the other hand aspires to offer discerning customers a much more exclusive service that is tailored specifically to your needs. That is why we would describe ourselves as Horological architects rather than just watchmakers.

A good architect will intuitively work very closely with clients to deliver the perfect solution. Adopting the same philosophy Paolo Mathai Horology will create a unique timepiece to suit the customer’s precise requirements rather than promote our company. Essentially that means the design doesn’t have to conform to certain parameters and will be devoid of a brand logo. For that reason, the overall concept can be totally flexible and the end result truly remarkable.

Potentially the design of the case can be virtually any shape or size and constructed from a broad range of exciting materials. Whether it be gold, platinum, carbon, sapphire crystal, titanium etc. the possibilities are endless. Paolo Mathai Horology are also working with the finest avant-garde Swiss movement manufacturers. These companies are able to produce exceptionally complicated and innovative mechanisms (multiple flying tourbillons if required) to fit our bespoke designs. Another crucial point is that the calibres will be totally exclusive to your individual timepiece and therefore will not be used by other brands.

Paolo Mathai Horology aims to collaborate with renowned architects (as well as other creative professionals) to design some extraordinary timepieces. Essentially our main focus is to create a unique watch for each customer that will never be duplicated. These bespoke pieces of wrist art can be as conventional or adventurous as desired. Ultimately we aim to please and will follow your brief faithfully from concept to conclusion.

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